• Good manners can help you in your relationships
  • Good manners can increase self confidence
  • Good manners can make you a welcome guest
  • Good manners:  Do the right thing at the right time for the right reason.

Dinner at eight.



Our Goals
  • Help our clients gain confidence
  • Encourage and reinforce the rules of good manners
  • Stimulate cultural events
  • Help clients develop a classic style in their appearance and surroundings

Lady Virginia, our founder and inspiration, is a lady in every sense of the word.  She was born in Europe but came to the United States with her family and spent much of her childhood in the genteel South.  Then she returned to Europe and spent her teenage years surrounded by the old world masters.  Her decorating taste was influenced by the authentic Baroque architecture and furnishings of her surroundings. From the grandeur and majesty of Europe, Lady Virginia then moved to the charming world of Cape Cod and developed an appreciation for decorating on a smaller more comfortable scale.  For ten years she produced a weekly television show but her real love is teaching charm and manners.  Her dramatic style makes her a very popular and effective public speaker.