Why etiquette?

It's all about people and relationships

As we mature,  we will learn that our interaction with other people can be among the most satisfying things we can do. And, in trying times or when faced with uncertainty we can either withdraw or seek the company of others.  Somehow, when we are with other people we gain strength and encouragement.  
You will find that there is a renewed interest in social activities.  The appeal of a self serving computer or television is beginning to wane and we are finding ourselves seeking companionship. What a wonderful opportunity for you. As a lady, your skills have been developed to meet the challenge of uncertain times and do it with grace.  

So what role do manners or etiquette play? Just like Robert's Rules of Order ensures an orderly meeting, the rules of etiquette actually make interaction easier.

It isn't just knowing the rules that ensures success with your interaction with other people, it is understanding how to apply those rules.  Rules are the foundation, but applying them is the engine that makes them work.

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