The first verse of the third Chapter of Ecclesiastes says: "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven."  Martin Luther put it this way in 1545, "Ein jegliches hat seine Zeit, und alles Vornehmen unter dem Himmel hat siene Stunde."  (Each has its time and every undertaking its hour). However, consider how technology has impacted that concept.  We live in climate controlled environments and enjoy foods anytime of the year.  Without question, this has made us more comfortable and healthy!  However, there might be value in being more conscious of the seasons and match our habits to the seasons.  This chapter will give you suggestions to celebrate the seasons in your home surroundings and your meal planning.

Mrs. Beeton's Book of Household Management was published on December 25, 1861 in London by S.O. Beeton Publishing which was owned by her husband, Samuel Beeton. She died only a few years later at the age of 28. This amazing tome of over 1,000 pages contained all of accumulated knowledge of household management. What is even more amazing is that it continues to have valuable advise for Home Economics today.  Of particular interest to this chapter in our website, is the description of times that foods are in season and we will share an edited version of her recommendations taking into account that some of these items aren't readily available or familiar to our world wide audience.  The book is broken down by each month.   As you know, in order for fruits and vegetables to be available to us in the stores every day of the year, they are grown in various places, picked green or forced to ripen and shipped.  You also know that on those rare occasions that you get something that was "home" grown and picked at the peak of ripeness, the taste is amazing.