What to do.....

                  and how to do it properly

with style and grace.


Appearance--Wardrobe, makeup and fragrance

April 1
It is essential that you have a full length mirror mounted in a location where you can stand back and look at yourself from head to foot.  As the month goes on, you will like what you see better and better. 
April 2
You will be judged on the way you look.  This includes the way you dress for a particular occasion.  Like it or not, this is one of the rules of the game.  So, think about how you look.  Are you conveying the message you intend to convey?  Make a deliberate effort to recall how people have responded to you.  How were you dressed when you felt you weren't given the credibility or respect you felt you deserved.  Conversely, recall a time when you felt you were admired and respected....how were you dressed on that occasion?
April 3 
Look at your closet.  Think about how you felt about yourself the last time you wore a particular garment.  Did you feel confident or insecure?  The outfit may have determined how you felt about yourself or the clothes you selected to wear for that occasion may have reflected how you felt about yourself at that time. You are conveying a message whether you wish to admit it on not.
April 4
This begs the question.  Can the way you dress impact the way you feel? The answer is yes.  Haven't you chosen to wear something bright and cheerful just to make yourself feel better? Isn't it possible that the same bight cheerful outfit could make the people around you feel better too? Of course it could be the combination of your feeling better and making the people around you feel better.  Either way, what power!!
April 5
So, look in that closet again. See that dark, drab outfit?  Don't you select that on days when you want to shrink into the background and the message is "Don't bother me today!"  You see, it really is fair for people to read you by the way you look.
April 6
Strong colors can have a very positive effect on the wearer and those around.  However, strong colors are more limiting than neutrals or dark subdued colors.  People are more likely to remember your brightly colored garments and strong patterns.  Also, these can make the garment  dated.  A color may be fashionable one year and not the next.  "Last year's color" may mean you only get one season out of that garment or risk looking very much out of date and out of touch. 
April 7
Extend your wardrobe with as much "mix and match" as possible. This is a huge help when packing for a trip.
April 8
Classic styles are much more durable and can be appropriate for years.  They can be made fashionable and up to date with accessories.
April 9
You may never have given it much thought but new colors of the season determine a whole host of accessories.  The fashion industry is based on this fact.  For example, you will need new shoes to achieve the proper balance of a "trendy" skirt.  Or that handbag will have to be replaced in order to go with the feel of your new suit.  The same applies to makeup trends. 
April 10
Each season, the cosmetic industry introduces all new colors to go with the new fashions.  Sometimes it is designed to create a particular look that is popular. Other times, it is intended to compliment the new colors.  For example,  if the garments are suggestive of a sophisticated, city look the makeup will be much stronger than when the styles are very relaxed and/or innocent.
April 11
The solution is to try to find cosmetics that enhance your best features and diminish things you don't want to highlight.   In this way, you achieve a more natural look and flattering look that can be adjusted easily with a different lip color or blush.
April 12
This will also make it simple to change from a flattering daytime look to a dramatic but flattering evening look.
April 13
Exercise is essential to your health, self image and overall well being.  There simply is no escape and there is no way to make it easy.  If you are lucky you may find something that you enjoy doing and can look forward to but for most of us it is a tedious, unpleasant and painful chore.  But, it must be done. 
April 14
Not all exercise is created equal.  Search for a routine that gives you the most benefit for the least effort and can be done regularly. For example, don't select skiing as your exercise routine.  Nice try, but chances are you will not do it every day.
April 15
You will benefit from occasional input from a professional "coach" to ensure you are doing your exercises correctly and using the muscles as you should. 
April 16
High heels are very tempting and they, indeed, make us feel very tall and svelte.  The facts are that they will take a toll on your feet and your back.  A modest heel is always a good choice for a lady.  You know the wisdom about this advice but every one of us falls victim at some time in our lives. 
April 17
Perhaps the solution is to have a good looking pair of black heels in your closet for those moments you feel you really want the additional height or want a particular look with a garment.  Suffice it to say, that some day you will learn.  
April 18
If your shoe throws you off balance either too high or too flat, you will not project the best image.  You will find yourself fighting the imbalance.  This constitutes a distraction and you won't feel your best nor will you be at your best.  Fashion needs to be put aside in order to "put your best foot forward".  Now, don't then use this as an excuse to slog around in tennis shoes unless you are playing tennis.  The best choice is a good leather shoe with about an inch heel.  Generally these will afford you a good balance and long lasting comfort.  The one inch heel is enough to help you walk gracefully.
April 19
A good, well constructed leather shoe can be repaired frequently and will last for years and years.  It is well worth the money.  Your shoes need to be polished regularly to overcome the worn spots. The back of your right shoe will show wear very quickly from the unavoidable friction caused when you drive.  A quick brush up on the back of the heel may be sufficient to keep the shoes looking like new. 
April 20
Just as we have been developing your self image and exterior image, we need to focus on the image you wish to project with your fragrance selection.  Fragrances can be very complex and resemble the details of a fine wine.  Those characteristics go beyond the scope and purpose of this site but we can provide you with some useful tips.
April 21
First and foremost, perfume won't mask body oder!  Yes, that was the original purpose of perfume, incense and sachet. That was also before the availability of running water, soap and deodorant! Despite the self serving marketing messages, you should select a single fragrance for life and not one to match each mood and occasion.
April 22
Your fragrance will be your signature.  Over time your fragrance will permeate your clothes and enhance the impact.  It must be very subtle so as not to overpower.  Done correctly, people will associate you with the fragrance in a very positive way. 
April 23
Trial and error is forgivable as you search for just the right signature fragrance.  However, try only one at a time! Start with something that you have found attractive on someone else.  The fragrance mixes with your own body chemicals and will be different on everyone.  So, don't be disappointed if you like it on someone else but it doesn't work for you.  It just means you haven't found the right one yet.  This search can take a very long time. 
April 24
Once you have selected just the right fragrance, decide what strength you would like to use.  Perfume is the very strongest and toilet water the lightest.  In between there is cologne.  Often you can get other scented products such as dusting powder or lotion. 
April 25
The trick with fragrance is to use it every day.  Don't save it because once it is opened, it will degrade.  Open a container and use it.  It will be fresh that way. 
April 26
DO NOT RUB the fragrance or apply it with your fingers.  It crushes the molecules and it will change the composition.  Spray is always the best choice.  Slash is not a good choice. 
April 27
Our last suggestion, is to be consistent with the amount you apply.  Never apply more than you did on the first day you used it.  Over time, your nose will become accustomed to it and you won't be able to smell it correctly.  Further, if you do as we have suggested, your wardrobe will carry the fragrance in a lovely graceful manner.
April 28
Well, yes there is one more secret we can pass on.  If you wish to freshen up your house when you expect guests, spray a small amount of fragrance on a cold light bulb.  Wait a few minutes until the spray dries, then turn the lamp on.  As it heats up, it will release your fragrance into the room.
April 29
We started the month with the suggestion that you get a full length mirror.  Stand squarely facing the mirror.  Evaluate what you see.  What do you like?  What would you like to change?  Make a list. 
April 30
Examine your list.  Realistically, what can you change? What can you disguise?  Develop a plan and a schedule then......go after it ! 
We will revisit this topic in August and see how you are doing.  Now, its on to May and we will tackle "managing money". 

The following quotes come from Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel (1883-1971)
“Adornment, what a science!  Beauty, what a weapon!  Modesty, what elegance!” 

“I don’t like people talking about the Chanel fashion. Chanel above all else, is a style.  Fashion, you see, goes out of style.  Style, never.”
Our tips in March helped you become acquainted with the image you wish to project in your writing papers. April tips will expand on what you have learned and express that image in your appearance.