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November 1
If you like to travel this month's tips are for you.  Think of your neighborhood as your sphere of influence. 
November 2
As a lady you have much to offer your neighborhood.  Your example will impact those around you....maybe even world wide. 
November 3
This is not so far fetched when you consider the tools available today.
November 4
This world wide connection places huge responsibilities on every citizen.  Today is election day in the United States.  Decisions that are made through that process will impact the entire world for years to come.  All actions are consequential and the ripple effect is magnified by instant communications.  However, it is that instantaneous nature of communications that represents the danger.  There isn't time for careful verification and evaluation before "facts" are published.  Thus, the challenge of wading through the huge amount of unvetted information that is "published" requires a tremendous amount of hard work.  Ironically, making informed decisions is more difficult than ever.  A lady accepts this responsibility with grace and courage.  Throughout history, it has been the women that have preserved culture and values. 
November 5
Isn't this a fun time of year with the holiday season approaching. As part of expanding your neighborhood perspective to a world perspective, research the traditions of this time of year in other countries and cultures. 
November 6
Chances are you will learn more about your own traditions as you examine others.  It is very likely that you will find some that you may want to add to your family's celebrations.
November 7
We can spend the next several days sharing travel tips. Always dress appropriately for the situation.  If you do you will the respect you deserve.  So, think twice before wearing cut offs and flip flops on an airplane. 
November 8
You may have to be as old as dirt, a Lady Virginia expression, to know that passengers on airplanes and trains used to dress up for the trip.  Ladies wore hats, heels and gloves.   Gentlemen wore suits.  This is not ancient history....this was considered appropriate travel attire until into the 1960's.  
November 9
Fortunately, the fashion for flight crew to dress in shorts and athletic shoes is going away.  Did it ever occur to you, that these people are there to help you in case of an emergency.  So, the plane is filling with smoke, you can hardly see or breathe and you don't know whose instructions to follow.  Is that guy in the shorts and "tennies" a member of the crew or another passenger.  Could be a fatal mistake if you followed the wrong pair of shorts!
November 10
Perhaps the crew is beginning to understand the value of wearing a recognized uniform.  A uniform automatically conveys authority. As flights and flight delays become longer and the cabins become unbearably more crowded, the tension can be expected to escalate. Thus the crew may benefit from anything such as the authority a uniform represents as it may reduce the temptation for argument.
November 11
It may be hard to believe, but you don't need to take everything you own on a trip in order to be well dressed for every occasion. There are many tricks to successful packing.  The first is to coordinate your colors.  Make sure that everything you take can be mixed and matched with every other thing.  For example, in the winter you would select
November 12
Once you have made your basic color choice you now must make sure that all of your accessories are appropriate to that color.  This includes shoes, hand bags and make up (particularly lipstick).  You don't want to take up room with additional items when one color will do for all occasions.
November 13
Having said all of that don't rely on just one garment or pair of shoes.  Things can happen while your traveling that would render that item unwearable.  That is the beauty of having a single color scheme.  You can take two pair of black shoes and have a back up if one pair gets wet or you break a heel.  Same with your hand bag.  If you carry one and have another in your suitcase you have a substitute if the strap or zipper breaks.  You can have different styles; one slightly casual and one a little more tailored or dressy.  That way you will have a choice depending on the occasion and still can use it as a back up if the need arises.  Better to have a black tailored hand bag or shoes with a casual outfit than a clutching a bag with a broken handle or hobbling along with a broken heel! 
November 14
Remember, too, that your undergarments must be suitable for all the items in your suitcase. Once again, this is a great reason to go with a single color scheme for your trip.
November 15 
Are you about to reject our instructions because you think your suitcase wardrobe would be too drab?  This will not be the case as you will be accessorizing your wardrobe with bright elements. 
November 16 
For example, you have black slacks, jacket, blouse and skirt in your suitcase.  Add a red blouse or cardigan sweater and a scarf or pin.  It all mixes and matches. 
November 17
You will recall in our earlier tips, we had urged you to use color whenever possible and appropriate.  When living out of a suitcase, however, you are limited to what you brought or you have to go do a quick shopping trip.  With what we have recommended you will have a choice.  If a bright color is appropriate to the occasion and fits your mood that day, you are ready.  However, if you just want a hint of color, the pin adds some interest to the all black outfit.  Or if it is a serious occasion and you want to fade into the crowd, all black is the way to go that day.
November 18
To the extent possible, make everything in your luggage do double duty.  For example, your rain coat can be used as a robe and a slip can double as a nightgown.
November 19
The convenient availability of up to date world wide weather information is a tremendous boon to being prepared for travel.  Remembering that the weather is STILL unpredictable, you can at least have a very good idea about what to prepare for and pack accordingly. 
November 20
With today's rapid transportation, you can go from Summer to Winter in just a few hours.  The two most important rules to remember for packing are "MIX and MATCH" and "LAYERING". 
November 21 
With "LAYERING" you can build a warm garment to meet the need by adding pieces that will work in warmer temperatures.  Thus you can go from warm to cold with the same suitcase. 
November 22
Ironically, with central air and heat available almost anywhere you will find that "LAYERING" will make it possible for you to go from outside to inside and be comfortable each place.  Haven't you found that on the hottest summer days you have need a heavy wrap to endure artificial temperature in a conference room?  
November 23
The one exception to the rule is footwear.  Unfortunately, there are few alternatives to having just the right shoes for the weather.  There is no substitute for a good pair of boots in the snow. 
November 24
Since boots simply won't fit into you suitcase, you will have to wear them on your trip.  Tuck a pair of "home socks" or scuffies in your carry on baggage and you can wear these on the plane, train, bus or car until you reach your destination.  If you followed our earlier tip, you will have these in your carry on baggage already to use to shuffle shoeless through security anyway.  Use them to be comfy during the trip.
November 25 
It's time to prepare for the Holiday Season.  The key to success is planning ahead.  As we have advised before, proper planning makes it possible for you to be spontaneous.  This is not a contradiction, though many use it as an excuse not to plan.  Proper planning allows you to have the flexibility to make changes, even at the last minute.
November 26
Perhaps the Holidays will allow you to travel.  We have supplied you with tricks on how to make that easier.  Certainly travel and expanding your horizons is consistent with this month's theme.  However, consider the possibilities of reaching out even if you stay home. Invite someone over to your home.  From this site, you have learned how create an inviting and comfortable environment  You have developed skills for entertaining and making guests comfortable in your home.  Thus, it is time to put those things to work.
November 27
We have talked in earlier tips about public speaking, but haven't addressed "conversation".  Though both public speaking and conversation have the same goal of communication they are different in degree.  Conversation is much more intimate and is based on participation by all parties.  
November 28 
So, how do you stimulate participation.  Unlike public speaking where you have the floor, in a conversation and certainly as the hostess, you have an obligation to create the environment where everyone feels comfortable contributing to the conversation. You might be surprised to find that an essential element in stimulating conversation is act of listening. 
November 29
Body language is also important.  Try leaning slightly forward towards the person speaking.  This conveys interest.  Your gestures will tell the speaker how interested you are and how successful they have been at delivering the message.  
November 30
Perhaps the most useful gesture of all is a gentle, warm, encouraging smile.  
Now, let's transition to preparing for the Holidays!
Its time to get into the Holiday mood.  Sit down in a cozy chair with a big bowl of popcorn and a mug of hot chocolate and watch some old movies.  Here is a list of Lady Virginia's favorites that are guaranteed to do the job:
  • Miracle on 34th Street with Natalie Wood
  • Christmas in Connecticut with Babara Stanwyck
  • The Bishop's Wife with David Niven, Cary Grant, Loretta Young
  • White Christmas with Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye and Rosemary Cluny
  • A Star in the Night