Spices and recipes are a great gift

...............For a bride

........or a graduate getting that first appartment


Spice it up with these common spices

ALLSPICE:  use in stewed fruits, prunes, puddings, sauces dumpling, chili steak and ground meat.


ANISE SEED: sprinkle into cored apples before baking, add to fruit pies, fruit salads cook ins and cakes.  Us in meat loaf, fish sauces, sweet pickles and cheese.


BAY LEAVES: add to water when stewing chicken or poaching fish.  Add to stew, chowders, tomato dishes, pot roast and marinades.  Remove leaves before serving.


BASIL LEAVES: will compliment any tomato dish. Add for flavor to fish and chicken dishes.  Add to eggs, dips, cottage cheese, zucchini, carrots and salad dressings.


CELERY SALT: add to tomato juice, bread stuffings, potato or egg salads and coleslaw.


CELERY SEED: use in pickling, fish, salads, salad dressing, biscuits, vegetables, sauces, poultry, cheese dips and vegetable juice cocktails.


GROUND CINNAMON: use in apple dishes, sweet potatoes, custards, stews, on fruit, pancakes and cinnamon toast.


CINNAMON STICKS:  stewed fruits, pickling, preserving, puddings. Float in punch or use as stirrers for coffee, tea, hot chocolate and fruit drinks.


CINNAMON SUGAR: contains sugar, cinnamon, modified corn starch and cinnamon oil.   Can be sprinkled on buttered toast, cereal or fruit.


WHOLE CLOVES: for studding meats and fruits,  preserving, spices, sweet syrups, stews, gravies and pickling.  Stud an orange and float in punch or hot cider. Completely cover (stud) the orange and use as a pomander ball in closets.


GROUND CLOVES:  use in potato soup, cranberry sauce, borsch, chocolate pudding, ham, mincemeat, apple butter, veal loaf and pot roast


CREAM OF TARTER: is not a spice but a useful by-product left after the fermentation of grapes into wine.  It is used to stabilize beaten egg whites. It is also an ingredient in baking powder.


CUMIN: sometimes called comino, is used in  chili, tomatoes, enchiladas, lentils, meat loaf, lamb dishes, baroque sauce ad salad dressings.  Excellent in sauerkraut, sausages and game.


CUMIN SEED:  used in chill, tamales, soups, stuffed eggs and to flavor rice, bread and meat dishes.


CURRY POWDER:  is a special blend of seasonings used in making Indian dishes.  Use with beef, chicken, lamb, shrimp and vegetables and in making curries.  Also use in fruit compotes, stuffed eggs and chicken or shrimp salad. Contains coriander, fenugreek, turmeric, cumin,  black pepper, bay leaves, celery seed, nutmeg, cloves onion, red pepper and ginger.


DILL WEED: use in vinegar, salads, pickling, sauces,  gravies, sauerkraut and some meat and fish dishes.


FENNEL SEED: tastes and smells like licorice.  It was called "meetin' seed" by the Puritans as it was nibbled during their Church services.    Use to flavor shellfish, fish and fish sauces.  Add to bread, spaghetti sauce, beef, lamb, pork,  salads, pickles, pastries, cookies, rolls and cheese spreads.


GARLIC POWDER:  is a member of the lilly family.  Use to make garlic bread or butter, add to  meats, chicken, fish, tomato dishes and salad dressing.  1/8 teaspoon of garlic powder equals 1 clove of fresh garlic.


GARLIC SALT: add to tomato sauces, salad dressings, broiled steaks, chicken and tomatoes. Contains salt.


GROUND GINGER: for gingerbread, pumpkin or apple pie, cookies, stewed fruit, carrots and sweet potatoes.  Good with pork, chicken and beef.


POWDERED HORSERADISH:  use in dips, sauces, cocktail sauces and hordourves


MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE: brings out the natural flavor in fresh vegetables, sea food, meats,  sauces, poultry, gravies, salads, stews also used a meat tenderizer.


MARJORAM:  use in tomato dishes,zucchini, eggplant, broccoli, peas, lima beans and egg dishes.  Add to beef, pork,veal, fish,lamb and chicken. Good in stuffing.


GROUND MARJORAM: use in swiss steak, meat pies,  beef, veal, stews, roasts, vegetables, soups, salads, seafood,  poultry and  sauces.


GROUND MUSTARD: cheese dishes, deviled eggs, pickles, sauces, fish vegetables, salad dressings, meats.


NUTMEG AND MACE: are the only spices that are derived from the same fruit.  Nutmeg is the seed and mace is the seed covering.  Sprinkle nutmeg on eggnog and use in cookies, cakes, puddings, oatmeal and custards.  Add to meatloaf, creamed chicken spinach and asparagus. Ideal in fruit pies. 

ONION SALT: use in eggs, vegetables, steaks, roasts, cheese dishes, rice.  It is made from onion powder and salt.


CRYSTALIZED GINGER:  use for sauces, relishes, chutneys, preserves, sweet potatoes, carrots, stewed or fresh

This is an opportunity to create your own recipes