Do you have the proper utensils?

......Do you have enough of everything?

..............Do you have the right serving pieces for your menu?


Dinner at eight!

Here are some terms that might be helpful to you:

Flatware includes the Knives, forks and spoons.
Hollow ware is tableware that is hollow inside. It includes most everything that isn’t flatware. Perhaps it is easier to think of it as serving pieces such as trays and bowls.
Open stock means that you can purchase individual pieces separately

Place settings are preassembled sets.  They usually come in sets of 5 pieces but can be larger. Often you get a serving set included if you buy multiple place settings. This can be helpful as it usually includes a slotted spoon, meat fork, large serving spoon and sometimes a ladle for soups. You will need all of these eventually and they can be expensive purchased separately.

The Basic 5 piece Place setting:
Place Fork
Place Knife
Salad or pastry fork
Place Spoon or Soupspoon

You will always need extra teaspoons and salad size forks, as you will use that size for many different uses.

Coin silver. This is a  confusing term with varying interpretations.  .925 sterling in England and .900 in the United States

Sheffield  A technique of fusing two or more different metals together that was developed in Sheffield England.

Silver Plate describes the result of putting a silver finish over a less valuable base metal.  Developed in the 1920

Pewter originally made from tin and lead, which is why old pewter should not be used for food or beverage.  Modern pewter is made of tin, copper and antimony.

Sterling silver an alloy of silver and copper.  In England .925 parts silver in the United States it is .921 parts silver. 

Stainless Steel is a steel alloy mixed with chromium to resist corrosion.

Types of utensils found on a Victorian table:

Seafood fork
Oyster fork
Snail fork
Lobster for
Pastry fork
Desert fork
Salad fork
Fish fork
Luncheon fork
Dinner fork

Dessert Spoon
Iced beverage (more modern than Victorian)
Sauce spoon
Clear soupspoon
Cream soupspoon
Citrus spoon
Coffee spoon
Ice cream spoon (sometimes an ice cream fork)
Demitasse Spoon

Dinner knife
Luncheon knife
Salad knife
Butter knife
Cheese knife
Fish knife
Steak knife
Fruit knife

Butter server
Jelly server
Lettuce fork
Olive fork
Hot meat fork
Cold meat fork
Pickle fork
Sardine fork
Fish serving fork
Asparagus server
Cake server
Pie server
Soft cheese server
Hard cheese server
Tongs of all shapes and sizes
Sugar shell
Sugar tongs
Slotted spoon
Carving set
Steak set
Ladles of various sizes and shapes
Tomato server
Sauce server
Marrow fork and scoop (ugh)
Candle snifter
Wick trimmers
Place card holders
Caviar servers
Bon bon or nut server
Salad servers
Tea strainers

  Keep up the good work!