Dear Ladies;
Thank you for taking the time to join us.  We have developed this website to teach and encourage the proper use of etiquette.  In addition,we at Lady Personified believe that we can provide you with tools that will help you in your role as a lady.  This is an important and unique role and should be taken seriously and with great pride.    
The pages of the website will offer a variety of tips and tools that will be updated regularly to keep the information fresh, interesting and timely.  We are developing a companion site ( that is designed to be more interactive and dynamic.  By contrast, will be your opportunity to obtain information and ask specific questions via email.  Responses will be emailed back to you directly. Neither your specific question nor the answer will be posted on  Of course the questions we receive will help us develop topics for future articles.  You may be surprised to see how varied our topics will be as the role of a lady is all encompassing.
Now, I invite you to stroll through our pages and email those pesky questions you have always wanted to ask.  Think of us as your online magazine for inspiration. 
Lady Virginia

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